Freemail знакомства with thousand of mails

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freemail знакомства with thousand of mails

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freemail знакомства with thousand of mails

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A negative aspect of American philately was the revelation that astronauts David R. Worden, and James B. Irwin of the Apollo 15 moon mission of had carried at least unauthorized covers.

This violation of NASA rules resulted in the reprimanding and reassignment of Scott and Worden, and Irwin resigned to go into religious work. Climaxing the fellowship aspect of the hobby was Belgica, the two-week exhibition held in Brussels during the summer. Treasury Department, established by the Appropriation Act of Actual printing of currency notes by Treasury employees began in The bureau designs, engraves, and prints U.

The bureau began producing U. Andorra receives more than 3 million tourists and more than 8 million excursionists day trippers every year.

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Visitors are drawn by the excellent facilities for winter sports, the sunny alpine climate, the old churches and quaint towns, and the availability of a wide assortment of duty-free goods. Andorra also collects revenues on the sales of its distinctive postage stamps, which are purchased by tourists and collectors. Niue has a very small tourist industry, with only a few hundred visitors each year. Exports include canned coconut cream, copra, honey, passion fruit, limes, and handicrafts. Agricultural production suffers occasional setbacks because of storms.

The Tuvaluan government requested this distinction in in order to qualify for loans from relief organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund IMF. The economy is mainly a subsistence one, especially on the outer islands.

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Tuvalu depends heavily on economic assistance for government and other major expenditures. Philately More than most hobbies, philately is sensitive to political and social change.

Except for the United States, the stamps of most of the major powers, and of many minor ones, were affected by war or conquest. Five stamp-issuing governments — Albania, Alexandretta, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, and Poland — lost their identities; five — Carpatho-Ukraine, Ethiopia, Greenland, Hatay, and Slovakia — were added to the list. The current war in Europe did not, however, add nearly so many new issues in as were produced during the corresponding period in — a few hundred as against more than a thousand.

About new designs, exclusive of overprints and surcharges, were issued by all governments during the year, and about 2, major and minor varieties — new designs, new issues of earlier designs, overprints, surcharges, souvenir sheets, etc.

The number is probably a trifle smaller for than forbut the two years are nearly equal in the number of new stamps. The continued business depression and the deflation of the boom which had sent values in some speculative issues soaring, were reflected in the general lowering of the catalogue prices of stamps in as compared with Prices generally were at their lowest at about the time — September — when the catalogue was issued, and tended to rise in the later months.

In the auction sale of the Brown collection of United States stamps, held in New York in November, most of the items sold at catalogue or better, and many brought from two to three times their estimated price.

Although the Presidential series was completed infinal figures on its distribution were not immediately available, and the announcement comes properly in a review of Seven commemorative stamps, all 3 cent values, were issued by the United States in Four States, in November. A special 30 cent air mail stamp was issued for transatlantic service.

freemail знакомства with thousand of mails

With the opening of this service the last link in regular air mail routes around the world was forged. It is, of course, impossible to predict how much the war will affect transoceanic air service, but was a year of both expansion and preparation, and created an unprecedented number of international air-mail covers. Martin, of the now famous 24 cent green, United Statesblock of four stamps with inverted centers, first used to pay postage from the United states to Liverpool.

This block, the only one of its kind known, was sold at the Crocker sale in London, in Novemberto Mr. Souren, a New York dealer, who kept in touch with the sale by transatlantic telephone, the first time this system of communication had been used for a stamp sale. After its purchase, the block came to New York and was exhibited, with other rarities, at the Waldorf-Astoria in January.

Two thousand collectors attended the exhibition. The block was purchased from Mr. Although an unusual number of interesting pictorial stamps appeared during the year, there were few new designs of outstanding merit.

The United States produced two of the worst in its history — the Washington Inaugural, A, and the Four States commemorative, A — and two that are well above average. Both of the latter, the Golden Gate commemorative, A, and the Printing commemorative, A, are successful departures from traditional American design. Philately Estimates as to the number of stamps issued by all governments in vary from 2, to twice that number.

Some, like many of the Vichy colonial issues, were obviously printed for propaganda purposes and may never have been used on mail. Other stamps issued by or for the Axis or Axis-controlled countries are equally doubtful. To a greater degree than usual, stamps of the United States led in popularity through the year. Next to these, and perhaps more spectacularly, the stamps of Free France, later Fighting France, were in demand.

Some of the early overprints, hastily printed in small quantities to fill emergency demands, have already disappeared from the market or command high prices. The new designs, with the Cross of Lorraine, were also popular. The war has stressed the importance to the United States of relations with South and Central America, and philately is one of the many fields which has been affected.

Collectors showed much greater interest in the stamps of Latin America than they have in the past. It is natural that there should be unusual interest in the stamps of countries currently in the war news, but the hobby seems also to have been generally stimulated by wartime conditions. In spite of the fact that thousands of the millions of men drawn from civilian life into the armed forces were stamp collectors, there appears to have been no decrease in the pursuit of stamps.

In these, stamps, albums, and philatelic periodicals, gifts from collectors, dealers and publishers, are available. For this reason, the general level of prices was higher at the end of the year than in the beginning.

Остроумные фразы для смс знакомства

This price change was reflected in many of the auction sales, notably the seven in which part of the collection of the late Col. These sales, held by as many auction houses, disposed of about 14, lots of United States, British and other foreign stamps. Prices in all categories were above usual auction levels, and many of the United States items brought full catalogue prices.

Until the summer ofthe Treasury Department had not encouraged collectors to mount war savings stamps in their albums, but at that time the government gave its official approval. A number of companies printed special album pages for these stamps and gave widespread publicity to the several philatelic varieties available.

In December, governmental authorities instituted a campaign to promote the collection of war stamps. Philately Approximately 2, new postage stamps were issued throughout the world inan increase of about over This figure may be low by nearlysince some of the stamps whose official or postal status is still doubtful, notably many of those from Spain, may prove to have seen actual postal service.

Of the governments which issued stamps during the year, Venezuela led in number with Two new stamp-issuing governments, Alexandretta and Italian East Africa, appeared; but sixty countries found their current designs and denominations satisfactory and added no new stamps.

Collectors who specialize in the subjects illustrated on stamps have new designs to choose from, ranging from the Australian duck-billed platypus to the newest airplanes. About new air-post stamps were issued, with South and Central American countries taking the lead. Smaller increases in value, from a few cents to a few dollars, are shown by more than unused and about used United States stamps.

Through McKinley, each president appears on a stamp whose denomination corresponds numerically to his administration. Only four United States Commemoratives, all 3 cent, were issued during the year.

These marked the th anniversary of the landing of the first Finnish and Swedish colonists in America, the th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution by the ninth state, New Hampshire, the sesquicentennial of the settlement of the Northwest Territory, and the centennial of the establishment of Iowa Territory. Hughes carried some letters, which were variously postmarked, and these souvenirs he distributed to friends on his return.

It is not improbable that eventually some of them will find their way into flight collections. Its provisions made possible the importation of illustrated stamp catalogues and more complete illustration of all United States stamp catalogues and albums. Outside the United States, political changes and unrest were widely reflected in postal issues. Either the subjects illustrated on the stamps or the circumstances of issue, and in some cases both of these, marked the course of European events.

freemail знакомства with thousand of mails

German stamps replaced those of Austria; Italian East Africa superseded Ethiopia as a stamp-issuing government; many stamps of Spain, Czechoslovakia and Russia were militant; Hitler was a dominant figure on German postal and semipostal issues.

Both in the United States and abroad, the stamps showed serious attempts at improved design and less reliance on intricate, and extraneous, ornament.

Stamps And Stamp Collecting Olympics stamps and the boycott. International politics intruded upon the philatelic world on March 11,when the U. Collectors complained and speculators scrambled for supplies, despite the large number of stamps, postcards, and aerograms already in circulation.

Sales were unexpectedly resumed on August 4, after the conclusion of the Moscow games, as a tribute to American Olympians and the late Jesse Owens. Liechtenstein followed the U. International and commercial developments. That ten-day event in May drewvisitors, and it was acclaimed as the largest and finest show in philatelic history.

New issue philately in the United States was characterized by innovations and controversy. To celebrate National Letter Writing Week, six different designs were issued in a unique sheet layout of Because a plate block required 36 stamps, collectors complained vociferously about government exploitation of the hobby. Just before the first day of issue for a stamp honoring W. Among the men who were honored were Philip Mazzei, an Italian-born patriot of the 18th century; General Bernardo de Galvez, a Spanish participant in the Revolutionary War; and Benjamin Banneker, a free-born black scientist and mathematician of the same period.

Stamps And Stamp Collecting Commercial and international developments.

freemail знакомства with thousand of mails

Demand for investment-grade philatelic material dropped dramatically during the year because of high interest rates and adverse tax legislation. However, occasional record prices for isolated individual issues were still established. Folklore themes for the annual Europa stamps and commemorations of the International Year of Disabled Persons rounded out the omnibus issues.

A turbulent year for the U. Postal Service was reflected in sweeping changes in U. With a changing rate structure causing many denominations to become obsolete, the Postal Service decided to replace the old definitive series with several new ones. The Great Americans series, planned for sheet format, includes new faces for the postal gallery: Sequoyah, the Cherokee scholar and linguist; Rachel Carson, the conservationist author; Dr.

Charles Drew, the black scientist who pioneered blood plasma preservation procedures; and George Mason, a lesser-known Founding Father.

freemail знакомства with thousand of mails

The Transportation series, designed for coil stamp format, will include depictions of a surrey, an electric auto, a mail wagon, and a bicycle. An eight-design set issued se tenant recognized space achievements related to the flight of the space shuttle. Revolutionary War battles at Yorktown and the Virginia Capes were noted with singles. Among subjects of social significance were the th anniversary of the American Red Cross, thrift associations, wildlife habitats, antialcoholism campaigns, and the International Year of Disabled Persons.

A major modification in traditional five-digit sheet plate number markings was introduced with the Everett Dirksen commemorative. The new system established a plate block as consisting of four stamps regardless of the number of inks or presses used, except where four or more designs appear in a pane.

Despite expressed collector displeasure with the deluge of new U. Postal Service issued almost 90 in